Sober Boss Babe: Jordy Self
sober boss babe

Our Sober Boss Babe this month is Jordy Self. Jordy is a personal trainer and wellness coach based in Sydney, Australia. I met Jordy over the wonderful world wide web. What caught my eye about Sober Boss Babe Jordy, was not just her amazing rock solid bod or colorful yummy meal plans, but her passion […]

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I Swear I’ll Love You in a Different Way: Self Love
How to Practice Self Love

Self love has always been a hard one for me. It sounds fun and easy enough, but I never quite fully understood how to practice self love and how it would affect my life. I always felt an overwhelming rush of guilt when I would talk about myself positively, treat myself to a new pair of […]

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You’re Too Lovely To Be Lonely
feeling lonely

Over the past week and a half, I have been going to more meetings than usual. OK, you got me, I have been going to more meetings in the past week and a half than I have in my entire life! Two weeks ago I got my nose “done”and I was getting cabin fever. Every […]

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Tell Me What You Want, What YOU Really Really Want
4 steps to get what you want

Ahh the ever terrifying age old question, ” What Do  You Want?” Its unpredictability is too much for most people to comprehend and therefore goes unasked and worst of all unanswered. In today’s society, the word “want” is associated with selfish, self-indulgent, opportunistic actions. We rarely allow ourselves to step out of what is safe […]

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The Smile Challenge
smile challenge

Hello, Angels! Here is your challenge should you chose to accept it… I challenge you to smile and acknowledge every stranger you come in contact with for the next 3 days. Heres how it works: Who: You smiling at Strangers. What: Smile and acknowledge any and every stranger you come in contact with. This includes […]

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Energy is as Energy Does
use your energy for manifesting, visualizing, goal setting

Manifesting, visualizing, goal setting and vision boards, are all ways to harness and focus your energy. “Your vibe attracts your tribe,” “Be the energy you want to attract,” “You are what you think.” Not only do these quotes look super cute on instagram and Facebook posts but they are totally and completely true. The mind […]

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Grateful Sundays
grateful sundays

Do you ever just sit back and think “Holy shit, things are kinda working out right now” ?  Well that was me this morning. Its amazing how your life and attitude can change once you slip the grateful boot on and wear that baby around town. Heather White, a really awesome life coach mentioned a really great […]

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New Environment Who ‘Dis ?
rat park experiment

When I saw this picture on instagram it made me think of the Rat Park experiment. For those of you unfamiliar with this bad ass experiment allow me to give you “A sober girls guide”  version. First of all this experiment was done by a Canadian psychologist, in my home town. Canadians represent ! Dr Bruce Alexander […]

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Experiences vs. Things
experiences over things

This weekend I was booked to play at gig out in Palm Springs at The Saguaro Hotel. On Friday I was seriously considering cancelling my gig and heres why I chose experiences over things. First off I would have to drive 2 hours to hellish heat. It is over a 100 degrees this time of […]

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