Connection is Key

3 stops.
36 hours.
1577 miles driven.
I made it.
The Road Trip to Vancouver Tour was awesome. I met some incredible women, from San Francisco to Seattle and everywhere in between. In a digital age, I took a risk. Meeting people face to face may seem normal to most. However in this day in age getting people in public, unplugged and offline was a little harder than I imagined. I was super nervous to meet complete strangers, yet as soon as we all started talking I felt a sense of comfort come over me. It’s like my social skills from grade school kicked in and I was off.
My main take away from all the meetups and all the tour stops is that connection is key. How we connect is so important. Meeting people in real life is the ultimate connection. There are so many small details that seem insignificant that don’t translate over social media or over the phone. From nervous twitches to how someone clenches their jaw or how their upper lip shifts to the left when they smile. Small minute details that make up someone’s character that are only learned and appreciated when you connect with someone in real life.
Life without connection and relationships is pretty damn boring. Through all my years of AA meetings and therapy, loneliness and lack of connection through relationships is the common denominator. So let’s change that.
I will be organizing meetups all over, starting in Vancouver. Check out and join my Facebook group to stay in the loop and let me know where I should have a meet up next.

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