How to create life changing affirmations

Searching through Pinterest for affirmations is one of my favorite things to do. I especially love the ones with pastel backgrounds and big bold block lettering. These affirmations are cute but not life-changing. I am a huge fan of words. What you say, what you see, what you don’t say. All of them. In my recent studies, I have learned the direct cause and effect of words and all their glory. whether in past tenses, verbs, adjectives etc each affect your mind differently.
In order to create life changing affirmations, you need to know a little info on the thing that holds all our thoughts, the brain. Heres the cliff notes version of hemispheric integration aka using both sides of the brain to create a super kick ass fully functioning organ. We have two sides of our brain, the left, and the right. (Fun fact we can survive with just one side of the brain, that’s how powerful and complete each side is.) So the left side is deemed the more logical side. This is where factual information is stored. The right side is the more creative, emotional side. Most people are either right or left side dominant. The goal is to find the sweet spot. Using our words to find the balance between right and left brain dominance to create a super kick ass fully functioning mind and in turn life.
Follow the steps below to create your own personal affirmations to manifest your best life.

1. Focus
What do you want? What do you want your affirmation to be directed to? You can apply these steps to everything and anything you want in your life. From relationships, career, health, addictions you name it. If you can think it, you can achieve it.

2. Be Present
Now, this is where the logic police step in a little bit. I don’t mean to be a buzz kill, but telling yourself over and over again that you are rich while living in your mom’s basement isn’t going to work. It’s not that I don’t want you to be rich, I do! Trust me I want you to get that money, honey. But feeding yourself incongruent thoughts and words are not going to get you there. Your mind is smarter than that. Your body has a physical reaction to bullshit and will work against you. Neglecting to acknowledge your present reality is the biggest disservice you can do to yourself.
Here are some examples:
” I am rich” —> ” I am working and learning every day towards a life of infinite prosperity”

“I am healthy” —> “I am taking every step to maintain and ensure a healthy lifestyle”

When you acknowledge your present state your affirmations get much more specific. Both sides of the brain can compute and get on board without any hesitation. That’s when you know you have a strong affirmation.

3. Words
Be mindful of what you say, and even more of what you don’t.
Don’t wish for things you don’t want. Sounds simple right? I always hear people talking about what they don’t want. Stay in the positive, your subconscious mind doesn’t recognize what you want or not want. By stating what you don’t want leaves a blank spot and lack of direction. Therefore the brain doesn’t know how to compute.
Here are some examples:

“I don’t want to be judgemental” —> “I want to be open and accepting of the world around me”

” I don’t want to drink anymore” —> ” I want to make healthy life choices that make me feel good.” *

* This one really hit home for me. Flipping the switch from what I didn’t want to what I wanted for my life made not drinking a no-brainer.

4. Have fun
Take time each day to acknowledge what you are grateful for. An attitude of gratitude primes your mind for success!

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