road trip

In just a few days I will be heading out on my three day Road Trip to Vancouver Tour. I cant wait to drive up the coast, explore new places and of course meet all of you. I have arranged three stops at three cities along the way. ( 3 seems to be popin up an awful lot, what does it mean?!)

My goal in organizing these meet ups on my road trip is to make real life connections. To Go offline, log out, shut down and open up to have some real face to face time. I want to get groups of like minded women together to network, chat and listen to each other. To provide inspiration and motivation to those in need and listen to those who wish to talk. Sound good? Check out the Event Information links and lets get together!

My first stop will be in San Francisco at Sightglass Coffee on June 3rd at 4pm. Event Information 

The second stop will be in Portland at Food Fight Grocery on June 5th at 6pm. At this meet up I will have Haley Lusk as my special guest . She is a writer and wellness coach and hosts a podcast called Audacity Project. At the end of the meet up Haley will be leading a release ritual to release anything and everything that does not serve you so you can move on to bigger, better things! Event Information

Third stop will be in Seattle at La Marzocco Cafe on June 6th at 3pm. Event Information

I have started planning a meet up for Vancouver and have a few special guests already on board. I cant wait to meet everyone and don’t forget to follow my journey on social media, instagram in particular. I’ll be doing live videos and posting on my story from every meet up. Let the good times roll!

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