A Sober Boss Babe

To officially kick off Sober Boss Babes, what better person to feature than my favorite podcaster, Krista Williams of Almost 30. I am so excited to chat with Krista about her experience in the sans alcohol world. Not only is Krista super funny she is a Sober Boss Babe to the max! As if being co founder and host of Almost 30 podcast isn’t enough she is a social media influencer and creator/editor of the blog, The Hundred Blog. Her podcast and her personal blog are trend based wellness resources aimed at helping and advising its readers. Krista is the go to girl for the latest and greatest in travel, fashion and over all wellness so I was super stoked to chat with her about her how to’s in sobriety.

1. Why did you stop drinking?

I never actually liked drinking, even in college I would get so depressed because I felt like I had to drink. I would just force myself and then wait for the actual thing that I liked about it, which was to laugh with my friends in the morning about the funny stuff. But I stopped when I started to meditate regularly, and when I moved to New York City. I also started to get really into my health, I became vegan (which I still am today) and the transition slowly evolved where I started to get so busy I couldn’t afford to drink or be hungover. I had a moment too, where one of my best friends saw me at a club in Chicago, and I didn’t even remember seeing her that next day. It was an eye opening moment where I felt really embarrassed but also scared that I would be out in Chicago at nights not knowing what I was doing or who I was with.

2. What benefits have you noticed since being sober?

I have so much more meaningful relationships and overall it’s the respect for myself. I respect my body enough not to poison it, and I respect myself and my future enough not to fuck it up by drinking and wasting time being hungover. My skin is SO GOOD, it’s less dehydrated, it’s not red, and it’s just really healthy looking (more so than it’s ever been even since I’m older now!) I save money, my digestion is better, and I just don’t waste my time doing bullshit activities like wait in line for a drink, or sit around at a bar. My life is so much more intentional. 

3. How do you stay sober ?

I surround myself with people who are aligned to self respect and being better, and I always schedule workouts or morning meetings so that I can’t be hungover for anything. Staying busy is KEY. 

4.What inspired you to create your podcast “Almost 30”?

Almost 30 was born from my conversations about the transitions from my twenties to my thirties and the growth that occurs during such a major time that I felt like is overlooked. 

I have always been naturally curious, interested in others, outgoing and an ‘interviewer’. I’ve always said that my dream job would be to interview people, because then I could be learning all the time. I feel most at ease and comfortable when I am asking others about themselves, rather than talking about me. It’s been the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had, and I am so thankful for the joy that it’s brought me.

It’s now a huge community of badass, smart people all over the world that are interested in living life at their maximum potential. 

5. Where do you see “Almost 30”  in the future?

We have our summer tour which is really exciting (you can see our tour dates here!) 






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