Sober Boss Babe: Viola Hug

Our Sober Boss Babe this month is Viola Hug.
Viola really stood out to me, and it’s not just because she’s a fellow Canadian! She is a traveling nomad or as she says “I am a location independent entrepreneur, meaning my husband and I travel around, and are not based anywhere in particular.” How cool is that?! As she travels from country to country, Viola helps visionaries align with their goals and manifest everything they desire. She is an Alignment Coach and Holistic Nutritionist (BSc) and a Sober Boss Babe. Through her travel and adventures around the world, I just had to gain insight into her worldly knowledge and ask her my top 5 Sober Boss Babe questions.

Top 5 Sober Boss Babe Questions

1. Why did you stop drinking?
I stopped drinking when I decided I was ready to take my health to the next level. I believe to be as successful as possible, we need to make sure our physical foundation is as aligned and high vibe as possible. I have been 100% sober since January 1st, 2016

2. What benefits have you noticed since being sober?
I personally noticed my physical health improve, but more noticeable than that I noticed my confidence and self-worth increase. At the start, I felt less confident, but once I realized I don’t need alcohol or substances to enjoy myself it was incredibly empowering.

3. How do you stay sober?
I find it easy to stay sober because I’m committed to being the best version of myself, and that includes sobriety – I love the sober version of myself best (now). I also have surrounded myself with loads of likeminded and supportive people, so that makes it easier.

4. What inspired you to create your business?
I was inspired to create my business first because of my passion for health. I lost my father to cancer at a young age and it created a fire in me to learn how to never get sick and then share them with the people I love and everyone I possibly can. My passion evolved into being able to not only have a healthy vibrant life but make the absolute most of it and enjoy it 100%.

5. Where do you see your business in the future?
I have MASSIVE goals, am a major visionary and to be honest, cannot even see the end yet of what I am so passionate about creating. I will always strive to support women to live their best most vibrant and fulfilling lives, impact a million +++ people. 😊


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