I have been sober for 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours and 525600 minutes. That’s right a whole friggin’ year sober! I have been putting off writing this post and I can’t figure out why. For the most part, my first year in sobriety has been a breeze. The last month and a half has been extremely trying to say the least. In this past year, I have accomplished more in my life than I have in the past 9 years. That’s both amazing and yet kind of sad at the same time. I feel like I am just now getting a grip on what I want and who I am. I have put in the work and I am actually becoming the woman I have always just talked about.

I am not going to sit here and tell you how amazing and stress-free my life is without alcohol. That simply isn’t true. Life is stressful and there are ups and downs and it’s hard and magical all at the same damn time. What sobriety has brought to my life is a sense of calmness and clarity. Being sober has allowed me to feel. I feel everything, the good the bad the ugly and the fucking amazing. I have allowed myself to be open and take it all in. In the past I was, how do you say, insanely irrational and acted out emotionally at um, pretty much everything. It was not cute. I hurt a lot of people and I was doing a major disservice to myself. Sobriety has given me the time and tools to re-evaluate myself and how I want to interact and engage with the world around me.

On the flip side, I am happy to announce my anxiety attacks peaced out. I don’t wake up feeling guilty and full of regret because I know exactly what I said and didn’t say the night before. My skin and bank account have never looked better. Gone are the days of buying everyone and their dog a round at the bar and eating some fried crap to soak up the booze. Oh, and the best part is starting this blog. Writing this blog has been an amazing experience. The love and support from everyone near and far has been overwhelming and motivates me to be better and give back to society. The best gift sobriety has given me is a sense of purpose. From my sobriety, I have realized how passionate I am to help others overcome obstacles in their lives. I am so excited to finish my schooling and become a sober coach/companion. All in all major wins all around.

2013: Putting the “ass” in “classy”

Perspective is key. Once I changed my perspective from looking at sobriety as a loss or giving something up, to a place of gaining, that’s when the magic happened. From being sober I gain SO much more. It’s crazy how much more you can receive by giving up a silly little thing that doesn’t serve you, like alcohol.
Heres to another year sober!

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