save your own damn life book by jessica jeboult

Are you ready to Save Your Own Damn Life!?

This is not a typical self help book. This is a book of action. This is a book that is going to light a fire under your ass. In this refreshingly entertaining do it yourself-self help book, life coach, podcaster and inspirational speaker, Jessica Jeboult, will show you how to save your own damn life. By upholding the 4 commitments outlined in this book, you will track where your life needs improvement and learn the tools and strategies to successfully implement a solution immediately. Through hilariously inspiring stories, sage advice and simple, user friendly exercises, you will learn how to:

 -improve your health

 -override self doubt

 -live a life you're proud of

 -cultivate fulfilling relationships

 -build an endless source of confidence

 -love your job and career 

 -take action 

 You will get the cheat codes to living a happy, healthy, productive life filled with love. 

"Anything I can do, you can do too. If you want to take control of your life, let's get to work!"

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This is the only self help book you will ever need! Get the book and start saving your own damn life!