What has alcohol done for you lately?

Want to change your relationship with alcohol and take control of your life?  You are in the right place. As a certified life coach and over 10 years of personal experience in sobriety and recovery, I know what it takes to make changes that stick and I know how to get you results.

The idea is to live a life where alcohol isn't even an issue because you are too busy living a life that is so freaking amazing you’ll never want to self medicate again!​

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

-After drinking you wake you feeling ashamed, guilty and disappointed in yourself 

-You have anxiety and think that alcohol will fix it 

-You think sobriety will be boring and the end of all your fun 

-You put limits or try and cut back but it doesn't work and only leaves you drinking more

-Being sober sounds like social nightmare 

-You obtain from alcohol but still aren't living the life you are happy with and know you deserve

-The pressure of the mommy wine culture is taking its toll

-You are looking for an alternative or addition to AA

-You are sick and tired or being sick and tired

I have been where you are and I am here to show you that change is possible. Releasing alcohol can feel like a huge undertaking. Explaining to friends, family members and loved ones, the way you process feelings and emotions and changing your coping mechanisms, learning who you really are without substances and getting to know your true authentic self can  seem very overwhelming to do it alone. 

You are not alone

I know what works, I have the cheat codes to living a happy, healthy, productive life filled with love. My mission is to spread the wealth of knowledge, that is why I have created many different resources and avenues to fit your schedule, budget and preferences. 

Anything I can do, you can do too. If you want to take control of your life, let's get to work!

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There is Power in Numbers

Do you thrive off community and sharing with others? Group coaching is for you. Group coaching offers a shared experience through community. You will have other people to cheer you on and celebrate with. You will have networking and community built into your coaching process.


Private, Accelerated and all About You

Do you want to have a private, one on one approach to achieving your goals in recovery? Individual coaching is for you. Get ready for intense accountability, customized sessions and curriculum and personalized attention. This is for women who are serious about making changes in their lives. 

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Word on the Street

"Support Without Judgment" 

Jesse explains how group coaching gave her the space to explore her self development, gain clarity and make changes in her life in a supporting, loving way with like minded women. Her awareness and mindfulness when making choices to get her closer to her goals and the support that she receives after on and offline.

"Gain More Confidence"

How Clare gained more confidence and removed old behaviors that were causing her to act out and gain relief from constantly looking for that "buzz."